Award-winning technologies

Best market solutions for
Amazon Sellers

Innovative program, where you can join the pre-sale of the future market-changing tools and get profit for investments in our company development

Undeniable advantages, that gives you business on Amazon

Stable economics
and world markets

  • Get your profit and make calculations in a stable currency
  • You are not subject to local crises and devaluation
  • You have an open audience of buyers around the world
  • Access to the warehouses and suppliers of goods around the world

Amazon Marketplace
is always opened

  • Annual Amazon net sales grows by 30% per year (232 billion in 2018)
  • 20-30% per year increases the overall rate of online sales
  • A new markets open. The last one is Australian
  • You can create your own new categories and product niches

Amazon uses the latest
marketing technology

  • Amazon Go – shop without cash and queues. Only online calculations
  • Drones delivery, amazon lockers lockers, AWS-technology
  • Automated Robotic warehouses around the world
  • Hi-tech servers and equipment, 24/7 support service

Anyone can start own business

The platform was founded by practicing entrepreneurs, who are already working on new Amazon algorithms and share their practical experience to create the best applications to support Amazon sellers around the globe.

Find product, purchase, resell, repeat

Track new products
and sales hits

Expand your earnings

Innovations that simplify your business

$90 000

primary investments attracted
by closed initial sale


currently at the final stage of development


with more that $200 million net sales yearly supervise us


family, who really cares about final product



Barcodes retail market

Complete on: 85%

Basic functionality:

  • Honest and officially registered reseller
  • Packages with a set of UPS-barcodes for products on Amazon
  • Purchase of single UPS-barcodes (from $3,5 per one)
  • Opportunity to sell barcodes via an internal auction
  • Proven barcodes that work in retail networks around the world
  • Automatic test of new barcodes


Products trade management

Complete on: 60%

Basic functionality:

  • Global monitoring of product rankings on Amazon Market
  • Analysis of the demand for products (Merchant Words and Google Trends)
  • Quick niche analysis and search for the most successful product
  • Automatic search for the best product special for your store
  • Warehouse monitoring with automatic notification of the need for replenishment
  • Using metrics BSR and PRP, without visit the product page
  • Auto-responder for receiving organic reviews from customers


Financial management

Complete on: 35%

Basic functionality:

  • Accurate profitability analysis, considering all costs and Amazon commissions
  • Tracking of competitor sales
  • Calculation of the expected profit from each position
  • Receive payments from Amazon from around the world
  • Calculation with suppliers and freelancers
  • FBA cost calculator
  • Automatic calculation of commissions
  • Analysis of the weaknesses of your business
  • Monitoring of promotions effectiveness

Active community and communication channels

We are at the stage of formation of extensive community, online chat-rooms in Telegram, communication and experience exchange in a private Facebook groups with business angels, opinion leaders, active and successful entrepreneurs. Live meetings with attracted foreign experts.

Software creation roadmap

Closed Initial Sale
Conducting a closed primary sale of business shares among private investors.
Raised over $90,000
Q1 2019
Investment program
Creating easily accessible investment program for every type of investors. Fundraising for product open beta-release.
Q2 2019
Public beta
Public beta-test launch of AM_barcode and AM_board products. Creating extensions for popular browsers.
Q3 2019
AM_barcode and AM_board release
Fully working products with declared functionality. AppStore and GooglePlay placement applications. Special marketing program launch (the biggest Amazon sellers groups, forums and communities).
Q4 2019
AM_analyst beta
Closed beta-test launch of company's flagship application AM_analyst.
Q1 2020
All products up!
Q2 2020 - is a deadline for launch of all 3 company products for a worldwide audience.
Q2 2020

Investment programClear, honest and reliable investment offer

New promotion bonus!

Make NEW deposit, and get +5% up to your total profit! Read more about bonus

Plan "Fastest"

101.5% after
24 hours

Plan details:

Return after 24 hours: 101.5%
Principal returns after 24 hours
Minimum deposit amount: 10$
Referral bonus: 3%

Your deposit ($):
Total profit after 24 hours:

Plan "Advanced"

105% after
84 hours

Plan details:

Return after 3.5 days: 105%
Principal returns after 84 hours
Minimum deposit amount: 10$
Referral bonus: 5%

Your deposit ($):
Total profit after 84 hours:

Plan "Starter"

8.6% daily
for 14 days

Plan details:

Total return after 14 days: ~120%
Deposit included in payments
Minimum deposit amount: 10$
2-level referral bonus: 8% - 2%

Your deposit ($):
Daily accruals:
Total profit:


17.2% daily
for 7 days

VIP plan details:

Total return after 7 days: ~120%
Deposit included in payments
Minimum deposit amount: 5000$
2-level referral bonus: 10% - 4%


260% after
14 days

VIP plan details:

Return after 14 days: 260%
Principal returns after 14 days
Minimum deposit amount: 10000$
2-level referral bonus: 10% - 4%

100% guarantee
quality of service

Officially registered company
based in United Kingdom
Company type: Private Limited
Company number: 04222916

Check information Download certificate

Payment systems

We are working with cryptocurrency (fixed rates):
BITCOIN ETHREUM 1 BTC = 10000$ 1 ETH = 200$ LITECOIN DOGECOIN 1 LTC = 70$ 1 DOGE = 0,002$ ...and next payment systems:

Referral commission

We are paying 1-level or 2-level referral commission for every deposits of your partners, depending on tariff plan.

Plan "Fastest": 3%
Plan "Advanced": 5%
Plan "Starter": 8% - 2%
VIP plans: 10% - 4%

You can use our auto-refback function to share your affiliate bonus with partners.

Withdraw regulations

All payments (including referral commission) are comes instantly after request.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, or technical problems on the server side or payment systems gateway, we will make payments manually within 24 hours (business days only).

There is no minimal limits for withdraw.
No holidays or calendar days off.
We charge no fee for payments.

4 easy steps to become partner Easy-to-use and free personal account available now!

  • Step #1
  • Step #2
  • Step #3
  • Step #4

Step #1

Sign up personal account

  • Your first step is to create a new personal account, where you can make deposit and follow your withdrawal and referral statistics.
  • To create account, please, follow this link: create account, and fill out all necessary information.

Useful tips:

- Registration of your account is free.
- You can create only 1 account.

Step #2

Make a new deposit

  • To make your first deposit, please, follow the deposit page of personal account menu
  • Choose your favorite payment system or cryptocurrency, investment plan and send funds following system gateway

Useful tips:

- Deposit will be active when we receive your funds
- For cryptocurrency deposits we need to get at least 3 blockchain confirmations to activate deposit

Step #3

Order your withdraw

  • Wait for your withdraw time, order it and check your wallet - funds will come instantly to your personal wallet
  • You can check status of your deposits and payouts on the deposits page

Useful tips:

In case of unforeseen circumstances, or technical problems on the server side or payment systems gateway, we will make payments manually within 24 hours.

Step #4

Invite partners to get extra profit

  • You can use your personal referral link to invite partners and get bonus for every their deposit.
  • commission percentage: 8% for the first level and 2% for the second level.

Useful tips:

Be active in promotion, and you will earn extra bonus from administration

Latest NewsAlways be aware of current and future events

New investment plan

Today one more investment plan become available for depsits. Meet the "Fastest"!
Plan details:
101.5% after 24 hours (principal returns after period with profit), minimum deposit amount is 10$, affiliate bonus is 3%. We hope, that this plan will cause real interest among our participants. by Admin 00:00 15.10.2019

Dogecoin added

We glad to announce a new cryptocurrency supported by AMSYS:

This is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, which allow our users to deposit funds and request withdraw with a minimum fee and fastest transaction speed. Enjoy! by Admin 06:35 14.10.2019

Big AMSYS website update!

Today we updated our website with an important improvements:
Investment plans "Advanced" and "Profitable" are now available for deposits, announcement of a new plan "Fastest" (will be opened 15th October), changes in affiliate system for new plans, program statistics was opened and other minor website improvements. by Admin 00:00 10.10.2019

Official Twitter account

We created an official Twitter account of AM Software Systems company and intend to expand our community on one of the largest social network in the world. Please, follow us on Twitter page, and be part of our wonderful community.

Be ready for some great changes, which are already being prepared by our team. by Admin 12:15 28.09.2019

Automatic refback available

From this moment, the automatic refback order form has been implemented! If you have partners to share a part of your referral earnings, now you can easily automate this action. Just specify your auto-refback percent on the "Referral Structure" page in your Personal Account. Default value is 0 for all accounts. by Admin 15:55 06.10.2019

Ethereum coin added

Dear participants, by popular demand we added a new, one of the most popular coins on cryptocurrency market - Ethereum. Feel free to make deposits with Ethereum.

We also want to remind you that all funds in cryptocurrency are converted into dollars at the moment of deposit. by Admin 23:00 21.09.2019

Investment program launch

Today we launch our investment program designed to help us to create, release, and support our software products for Amazon sellers. We are about to release our three software solutions (AM_BARCODE, AM_BOARD and AM_ANALYST) to facilitate business of sellers, who operates on the largest trading platform in the world - Amazon. by Admin 11:00 21.09.2019

Program statisticsLive update of key indicators

Running days: 31 day (since 22.09.2019)
Active participants: 4416
Total deposits amount: $104457
Total withdraw amount: $45721

F.A.Q.Frequently asked questions

What is AM Software Systems investment platform?

AM Software Systems is an investment program, that available absolutely for everyone. A fully passive income platform with high profitable percentage. We offer to our participants high security, easy-to-manage service, that can be available even for beginners in the field of investment.

How much can I earn and how to deposit?

We have four active investment plans: 101.5% after 24 hours, 105% after 84 hours, 8.6% daily for 14 days and VIP plans 17.2% daily for 7 days for investments from $5000 and 8.6% daily for 14 days for investments from $10000. Withdraw from all plans are instantly comes to your wallet.

What is the minimum amount for deposits and payouts?

Minimal amount for deposit on regular plans is $10 and from $5000 to $10000 on VIP plan.
There is no minimal withdraw amount.

What payment systems you work with?

We're working with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Payeer and Perfect Money. In the near future we'll add even more cryptocurrency (like a BitcoinCash, Ripple and other most popular coins).
All cryptocurrency work with convertation in dollars on the moment of deposit.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You do not need to do anything to withdraw your funds. Our platform will instantly send your funds to your wallet after request. If you want to change your payment system wallet, you can do it in your account setting. There is no fee for withdraw.
But if we'll face some problems with payment system's API or other circumstances beyond our control, give us at least 24 hours to send payment manually or solve the problem.

How can I create a personal account on the platform?

It simple one-step Sign Up on our platform. Just follow the "Create Account" link on the top of our website, fill in all the fields of sign up form, and if everything is correct, you'll get access to your account.

How many deposits can I create?

You can create as many deposits as you wish. There are no limits.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We are paying 1-level or 2-level referral commission for every deposits of your partners, depending on tariff plan.

Plan "Fastest": 3%
Plan "Advanced": 5%
Plan "Starter": 8% - 2%
VIP plans: 10% - 4%

You can use our auto-refback function to share your affiliate bonus with partners.

There are no limits of referral commission. All commissions payouts you will get instantly on your wallet after sending request.

Can I receive a referral commission without making a deposit?

Yes, you can. Just share your referral link with your partners.

Last withdrawsOnline updates of last payouts

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Your question has not been answered?

Ask our support team, and we will respond you as fast as we can

Promotion bonus

You can get +5% bonus to your total profit! All you have to do, is to make NEW deposit with any payment system on any investment plan.

For example:
Regular deposit on "Fastest" plan: 101.5% after 24 hours, but after making a new deposityou will get 106.5% after 24 hours.
Or if you deposit on "Starter" plan, you will get total profit ~125% with bonus, instead of ~120%.

Promotion bonus works for every investment plan and every payment system.
Promotion offer has no end date, but can be turned off any time.